Who are we?

Desire2Learn is a group of e-learning experts and engineers. Our team has worked closely with educators, students, and industry professionals to develop a learning platform which should power the next generation of personalized and adaptive learning, protected by a pending US-patent. Through our experience and passion for learning, Desire2Learn wants to make an impact on the future of education, and help students to realize their full potential.

What is Desire2Learn LeaP?

Imagine if textbooks could learn....

At Desire2Learn, we've built a system that can do exactly that. Our product is an adaptive learning platform with limitless possibilities. Desire2Learn LeaP adjusts to a student's needs, returning a personalized study path and accelerating the learning process.

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How does it work?

Through features like practice questions and quizzes, Desire2Learn LeaP uses information about what learners already know, and combines it with what other students have found useful. It has the ability to understand gaps in learning and is able to help fill them and lead students through the best content available online to ensure learning success.

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