Personalized Learning... made simple

Desire2Learn LeaP (LEArning Path) enables personalized learning in a simplified way, without leaving your existing course. Just add the Desire2Learn LeaP tool to your Learning Management System, follow a simple wizard inside your course, and your students will get instant personalized learning paths that continually adjust to each student's learning state and needs.

Desire2Learn LeaP combines student profile, learning objectives, activity, assessment, and mastery information, then, using our US Patent Pending algorithms, guides the learner down a learning path optimized just for them, all in real-time.

Whether they are progressing as hoped, requiring remediation, wanting alternative ways to understand the concepts, looking for enrichment, or trying to understand whether they have achieved the desired objectives, Desire2Learn LeaP provides students with the focused learning options they need when they need them.

In addition, Desire2Learn LeaP empowers students to take independent control of their learning by searching for content and finding new paths to achieve their learning goals. Best of all, Desire2Learn LeaP continually learns what works and what does not, and uses that to guide the whole community.

And that's not all.

I watch instructors spend countless hours collecting, culling, and sequencing content in pursuit of the elusive ideal learning experience for students with a wide variety of needs. With LeaP, instructors no longer have to decide whether to keep or discard each piece of content every term.Instructors can keep all their content, add more, and even connect with external resources. Desire2Learn LeaP identifies the most relevant content and presents it to students based on their individual learning paths. I'm enthusiastic about the possibilities for truly personal learning experiences using Desire2Learn LeaP with any LMS.

Jennifer Dalby, M.Ed.
Director of eLearning, Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Global Content... in harmony

Desire2Learn LeaP gives instructors the ability to include content from open educational resource (OER), institutional, community, or commercial repositories – with no editing required. This turns Desire2Learn LeaP into a powerful service that combines content from many sources, chooses the best materials from each source, then delivers a learning path that is proven to have optimal results.

Desire2Learn is addressing a substantial challenge in finding and integrating content into curriculum or instructional design. Coupling that challenge with the diversity of delivery systems and learning management systems employed even within a single institution, content discovery, access and personalization become very hard. Desire2Learn has a very compelling solution with as conceptually a simple model as I've seen. There is lots of talk about content and open educational repositories and other content sources, but enabling personalized access to those is rarely part of the story. Desire2Learn address that substantial gap.

Marquess Lewis
VP Operations and Principal Consultant, Unicon, Inc., Castle Rock, Colorado

Once enabled in a course, Desire2Learn LeaP automatically indexes content and questions from the course, then delivers what students what they need when they need it, without a need to manually map content to learning objectives.

Instructors can access powerful, yet simple-to-use analytics that enable them to understand the gaps in content and assessment item coverage for their course objectives. Desire2Learn LeaP also enables instructors to understand the coverage and efficacy of content and assessment items, allowing them to take informed action to improve their course materials.

Desire2Learn LeaP provides an array of capabilities to enrich the learning experience, such as delivering personalized remediation, homework, study plans, test-prep units, readiness modules, all of which can be further personalized using dynamically-generated pre-tests – a fancy way of saying Desire2Learn LeaP is flexible enough to use it however you want.