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What people are saying about Desire2Learn LeaP

Desire2Learn LeaP is addressing a substantial challenge in finding and integrating content into curriculum or instructional design. Coupling that challenge with the diversity of delivery systems and learning management systems employed even within a single institution, content discovery, access and personalization become very hard. Desire2Learn LeaP has a very compelling solution with as conceptually a simple model as I've seen. There is lots of talk about content and open educational repositories and other content sources, but enabling personalized access to those is rarely part of the story. Desire2Learn LeaP address that substantial gap.

Marquess Lewis, VP Operations and Principal Consultant, Unicon, Inc., Castle Rock, Colorado

We found Desire2Learn LeaP when we were looking for alternatives to the traditional text book, exploring ways to engage students with online learning, and investigating alternative forms of accessing information. Desire2Learn LeaP was a perfect fit with our attempts to embrace 21st Century Learning.

Desire2Learn LeaP allows students independence in their learning, adapting to their own interests, creating their own learning plans, then giving them feedback on areas they've mastered and what they need to improve on. The system is very user friendly, and it's flexible from the teacher's perspective - it can be used as an addition to the currently taught curriculum, a support in the classroom, an extra exam prep tool, or however the teacher sees fit.

Desire2Learn LeaP allows students to learn about a subject beyond the walls of their classroom. It puts knowledge in the hands of the student, and helps them develop ownership of what they're learning, when they're learning, and how they learn it.

Bruce Griffioen, Headmaster of Southpointe Academy, Tsawwassen, British Columbia

I happened upon your incredible site when helping my Grade 10 son do some Science Homework. It is brilliant, and, as a teacher, I would love to explore the possibilities of using this format at my Grade 8 level.

Anne Shaw, Maple Creek Middle School, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

I have found Desire2Learn LeaP to be a useful tool for myself and my students. I have used it in a variety of ways, from review to catch-up when a student has been absent, and look forward to finding new ways to use this application in the future!

Sasha Hopp, Penticton Secondary School, Penticton, British Columbia