Desire2Learn LeaP for Canvas Adds Intelligent Adaptive Learning

See how Desire2Learn LeaP can add value to Canvas courses

Personalization and adaptive learning made easy

Desire2Learn LEArning Path (LeaP) is an integrated course tool that gives Canvas users the power of personalization and adaptive learning. LeaP provides students with personalized learning paths using existing course content as well as open educational resources, and facilitates the rapid definition of custom courses, all in a way that's intuitive and easy-to-use by teachers and students alike.

Turn your existing content into intelligent content

Desire2Learn LeaP is easy to enable inside courses thanks to the Canvas External Tools extensions, connecting instantly to the existing course content and outcomes. There is no need to modify or tag existing content, as Desire2Learn LeaP's semantic engine automatically identifies appropriate content. Instructors are able to configure how they want to use LeaP, whether as a complete course remediation tool, or to deliver personalized learning paths for each course lesson.

Instructors can also decide whether to start these paths with a pre-test, which enables LeaP to guide the student down a path that is optimized for them. At any time, students can take a post-test and have those scores appear in the Canvas gradebook. Desire2Learn LeaP is flexible and easy to configure, leveraging existing course structures and outcomes to create a truly individualized and dynamic path. There is no need to add additional metadata to content, or define detailed rules - all that is required by the system is to know what the learning outcomes are, and it semantically determines what content is appropriate.

Create new intelligent courses quickly and easily

Desire2Learn LeaP also facilitates rapid creation of new courses - only learning outcomes need to be provided, from which Desire2Learn LeaP's recommendation engine delivers the most effective paths for the entire course. For both existing and new courses, open content and questions can be included to supplement current materials, and Desire2Learn LeaP's activity and feedback engines use objective results to quickly identify the most effective materials and adapt to improve the student paths.